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Registered Companies

Registered Companies

To verify the status of an Orion certificate, please contact:
Tina Tiu at 303-645-4008 or email:

To verify R2  Certificates contact Cao Hua at

Orion Registrar, Inc. has ended our contracts with the following three offices, and all certificates issued by Orion Registrar Inc. via these offices have been withdrawn.

  • JV Orion Kazakhstan, Orion Registrar, Inc. representative office, Almaty, Kazakhstan
  • ORION Business Systems Certification, Veracruz, Mexico
  • Orion Registrar Japan, Inc., Osaka City, Japan



The Orion symbol, name and certificate are trusted indications of quality. Only Orion-certified clients in good standing are permitted to use Orion’s name, symbol and certificate.

The following notices refer to situations where Orion has found unauthorized use of the Orion name, symbol or certificate, and has already contacted the organization requesting they cease the unauthorized use.  If you represent one of these organizations, please contact Orion to resolve this matter, so that the notice regarding your company may be removed from this list.

  • Counterfeit Alert! T M Utley Offshore Plc – St Helens Merseyside WA94HU-United Kingdom is making claims of being audited and certified by Orion Registrar These claims are untrue and certificates they are showing are counterfeit.  Orion Registrar USA has never audited or issued a certificate for this company.

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