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Audit Pricing

Audit Costs and Pricing
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Always choose a reputable certification body such as Orion Registrar.  Orion offers refreshing price transparency with no hidden fees and transfers are welcome, easy, and affordable! 

All Orion costs are above-board and straight-forward.
Orion’s audit services are fixed-fee per service. Our audit day requirements are based on the size and complexity of your company, and we leave no room to change our minds about pricing. We encourage you to research other registrars and investigate their policies and fees. You may be surprised. Ask tough questions and make sure you know exactly what you’re getting. When comparing prices, companies usually find that Orion’s prices are below the average of our competitors’.

We believe certification must provide you with more than a certificate.
Orion strives to add value not only during your audit process, but also by acting as an information source for you. We will mentor you by providing your company with new information and ideas. Our auditors are trained to add value during their audits and it is our goal to partner with your company in order to improve your systems, and therefore your bottom line.

In addition, through maintaining a certified system, your company learns to understand and capitalize on the value of focused, systematic processes for managing your business. This focus will enable your company to measure and surpass your stated goals and objectives, increase your customers’ satisfaction and pursue the continuous improvement of both your products and processes.

MoneyMulti-Site Program Savings
The advantages of a multi-site certification include the encouragement of a company-wide perspective when analyzing data and making decisions, the exchange of information and best practices across sites, and enhanced site-to-site consistency. In addition, many multi-site certifications are eligible for site sampling, which reduces both audit time and costs. Site-sampling means that not all of the sites will be visited at each audit, but each will remain eligible to be selected for any given audit. Go to our Multi-Site/Multi-Standard page.

Multi-Standard Audit Can Save Your Company Money
Through an integrated management system audit, various quality, compliance, and environmental initiatives may be merged into one coherent system. By integrating responsibilities and centralizing control, a company may reduce duplication of required processes and records. For example, management review, document control, internal audits, training and corrective action are required by both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Thus, by scheduling a multi-standard audit, you could achieve a reduction in everything from top management time to internal audits, to forms. In addition, it is more cost effective to conduct a single integrated management system audit than the two or more separate audits that would be required by individual certifications. Integrated multi- standard certification is not offered by all registrars. This is yet another cost-saving service provided by Orion Registrar, Inc. Go to our Multi-Site/Multi-Standard page.

Money AirplaneTransferring Your Certification
If you are considering changing registrars, you will find that transferring your certification services to Orion Registrar is risk-free, easy, and inexpensive. Orion Registrar fully appreciates the management system your company already has in place. A few simple steps are all that is required. Orion’s fees for transferring your certification service are extremely competitive; we charge about what you would expect to pay for a routine surveillance audit. Call and we would be happy to discuss your individual need. Go to Transferring your Certification page.

Auditor travel expenses are billed at actual cost
Our auditors take into consideration the most economical travel and accommodations. Travel expenses are given to us directly from the auditor and are added to your invoice – there are no additional administrative fees or service charges. Our experienced auditors are located worldwide. Orion always works to provide you with the most economical options.

Payment is due after each audit activity. The auditor sends us his invoice for expenses and Orion will invoice you for the audit and audit expenses at that time. Your payment must be received prior to the issuance of your certificate.

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