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Certification Services

What is Value-Added Auditing? It is a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes. Third party and internal auditors have noticed a new emphasis on analytical auditing that involves process audits, risk and/or control assessments, and other forms of effectiveness assessments. In order to provide value, auditors assess:

gold-seal ● Operational effectiveness
● Business risks
● Business and/or process controls
● Process and business efficiencies
● Cost reduction opportunities
● Waste elimination opportunities
● Corporate governance effectiveness

Orion Registrar believes that management system certification must provide you with more than a certificate. We strive to add value not only during your audit process, but also by acting as an information source for your company.

Orion will mentor you by continually providing your company with new information and ideas. We do this through the continued training and development of our auditors. It is our goal to partner with your company in order to improve your systems and therefore your bottom line.

In addition, through maintaining a certified system, your company learns to understand and capitalize on the value of focused, systematic processes for managing your business. This focus will enable your company to measure and surpass your stated goals and objectives, increase your customers’ satisfaction, and pursue the continuous improvement of both your products and processes.

Benefits of Choosing Orion
Laptop at Business Meeting● Experienced and reasonable auditors
understanding the subjects audited

● Added-value auditing
● Customized certification services for
any size company

● Integrated Multi-standard audits
● Multi-site certifications may be eligible
for a site-sampling plan

● Optional pre-assessment
● Six-month or annual surveillance periods
● Answers to your questions
● Honesty and respect
● Impartiality
● Audits for service and manufacturing
● Reasonably priced services
● No application fees and no hidden charges
● Excellent customer service

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