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Energy Management

Energy Management

GWO (Global Wind Organization)
Training Standard Certification


The Global Wind Organization (GWO), a non-profit body founded by wind turbine manufacturers and owners, aims to achieve an injury-free work environment in the wind turbine industry through the deployment of common international standards for safety training and emergency procedures.

Certification bodies are required to audit training providers wishing to offer GWO certified training. This process certifies a training provider to conduct training according to GWO standards using the required equipment in an appropriate environment.  Orion is one of the first North American certification bodies to over GWO Certification to training providers.  Note: Orion can’t consult or help you with implementing your system – we only do the final certification of your GWO standardized training system once it is implemented. Visit GWO website for more details Click here to access GWO website      Or click the provided link for possible training consultants (click North America) if you need help.

Click here: How to become a GWO Certified Trainer

Click here: Training Provider Criteria – Orion is auditing only Version 9

What are benefits of GWO certification?
Wind turbines► Increased Safety
► Better Productivity
► Standardization
► Locally sourced training
► Supply chain alignment and contract certainty

Steps to Implement the GWO Training Standard 

Standard review: Study and understand the four pillars of GWO certification.

Physical resources: Demonstrate your resources will ensure consistent delivery of training and assessment in accordance with the GWO training standard(s).

Management systems: An effective and formally documented system is required to assure quality, course content, safety of training and assessment in compliance with the GWO approval criteria.

Staff resources: Your organization’s staffing and resources must follow national legislation, applicable standards and regulations.

Training and assessment: Demonstrate your training and assessment has been done in an orderly manner and evaluated properly.

Steps to GWO Training Standard Certification with Orion Registrar

(Orion does not help a client implement GWO Training  – we come onsite when the GWO Training Standard is implemented and then we audit the system and provide the Certification)

  1. Get a Quote from Orion Registrar:

Contact Orion and we will have you fill out a Company Profile which contains all the information we need to generate a quote.  If the quote is accepted, we will require a signed Application for Certification before scheduling your audits.

  1. Optional Pre-Audit:

The Pre-Audit is an optional, chargeable audit, which is designed to review the Training Provider’s management system for areas of the specifications against which the Training Provider asks for certification. The Certification Body will issue a report to the Training Provider detailing the findings of this audit in due time including any appropriate actions.  GWO recommends first-time Training Providers to invest in this Pre-Audit.

  1. Stage 1 Audit:

Stage 1 is a readiness review of the 4 pillars described in the Criteria for Training Providers performed by the auditor to determine the preparedness of the Training Provider for Stage 2. Processes for Stage 1 include: understanding the requirements as described in the Criteria for Training Providers and applicable training standard module(s), collecting information of the scope of the management system, processes & location of the Training Provider,  Areas of concern, potentially leading to non-conformity, reviewing the allocation of resources for Stage 2, and planning for Stage 2.

  1. Stage 2 Audit:

The auditor will provide an audit plan to the Training Provider based on the GWO Criteria for Training Providers prior to the audit. All sites and modules shall be covered in the initial audit. During the audit, the auditor will meet with the Training Provider’s management and staff to discuss the details of the process and consider possible issues relating to the performance of the audit. The auditor will discuss any non-conformities, observations and opportunities for improvement if and when they are identified during the audit. The auditor shall follow either a real or staged training session in each training module included in the scope to see if it applies to the Training Provider’s own procedures and comply with the relevant GWO Training Standard. After the audit, the auditor will prepare and present a report of the audit to the Training Provider’s management, which will include the audit findings. Nonconformances will be issued if applicable and must be addressed and accepted before Certification can be issued.

  1. Certificate:

When all corrective actions to nonconformances have been completed and approved, and the Training Provider is found to be in compliance with the GWO Training Standard, the Certification Body will issue a Certificate.  The GWO Training Certification is valid for 2 years with a yearly audit required.

Logo:  The GWO Training Certification logo can be requested from GWO (Orion is not allowed to provide that).  This logo is issued to certified training providers only. In order to receive an authorized copy, a training provider’s certificate must be received by GWO from a certification body.   See criteria

Overview of Certification, yearly Surveillance audit, and Recertification   Note:  Orion will be auditing to Version 9  – once you receive a certificate,  it  is valid for 2 years (or one year if your training is all onsite).

Year 1 – Initial Certification – Stage 1 and 2

Year 2 – Surveillance audits are required to be conducted on an annual basis – not more than 12 months from the intial certificate date.  The purpose of the yearly surveillance visit is to record whether the Training Providers’ certification is found to be maintained. The Surveillance process is identical to the Stage 2 audit – meaning that both the management system and a training session will be audited on a sample basis. The surveillance visits must be carried out in an equal manner for Fixed Training Facilities, Mobile Training Facilities and On-site training. The auditor provides a report and Nonconformances will be issued if applicable and must be addressed and accepted to continue certification.

Year 3 – Recertification required – audit of entire system to be performed at least 2 months before the certification expiration date on the certificate.  The auditor provides a report and Nonconformances will be issued if applicable and must be addressed and accepted to provide the new 2-year certificate.


Energy Management – ISO 50001 

The 50001 Update — March 2018

 The 50001 Update is a monthly newsletter issued by DOE’s Advanced Manufacturing Office. Each issue includes news and updates for the 50001 Ready program, the 50001 Superior Energy Performance program, and other ISO 50001-related activities.   Attachments: 50001 Newsletter_March2018.pdf
 AA Nuclear Plant Web

ISO 50001 is an important new standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which specifies a framework of establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving an energy management system. The purpose is to enable an organization to follow a systematic approach in achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and consumption. Companies can greatly reduce the effects of depleting resources and other related environmental impacts. Individual organizations cannot control energy prices, government policies, or global economy but can improve the way they manage them, thus creating a positive image within the industry.

Certification to ISO 50001 will help your organization demonstrate conformity to your stated energy policy. The standard specifies requirements applicable to energy use and consumption, including measurement, documentation and reporting, design and procurement practices for equipment, systems, processes, and personnel that contribute to energy performance. Organizations of all types and sizes can benefit from implementing ISO 50001. Many around the world have reported substantial benefits associated with its early implementation, including significant reduction in power consumption, carbon emissions, and energy related costs. For more information visit

SEP*- Superior Energy Performance

SEP is a 2-tiered program – beginning with ISO 50001 and adding an additional certification program that provides industrial facilities with a plan for achieving continual improvement in energy efficiency while maintaining competitiveness. The program is a globally recognized system for verifying energy performance improvements and management practices. SEP certification begins with implementation of ISO 50001 with additional requirements to achieve and document energy performance improvements. It offers flexibility by presenting two tiers for participation.

SEP Certified Partners will then have 2 pathways to achieve performance levels utilizing the Industrial Facility Best Practice Scorecard which assesses the maturity of a facility’s energy management system and offers credits for energy management system activities, processes, or procedures that are “above and beyond” ISO 50001 requirements. For more information visit

Our auditors are exceptionally qualified with excellent backgrounds and experience. It is Orion’s commitment to work together with our clients and provide them with the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction. Orion auditors are fair and thorough and treat each of our clients with respect. They are not interested in promoting bureaucracy, but in learning the distinctive ways in which your company has met the requirements of the standard.

AA Solar Panels WebOrion Registrar is dedicated to earning your loyalty with consistent, cost-effective service and value added auditing. With Orion, you will have confidence that your registrar hears and responds to your voice, and is flexible enough to meet the individual needs of your company. We are small enough to understand the special requirements of small businesses, yet big enough to provide the depth of skills and experience required to mentor even the largest companies as they strive to continually improve their processes. Orion personnel at all levels, do their utmost to form a partnership with our clients.

With Orion, a company may customize their certification needs. Your company may seek ISO 50001 and SEP certification separately, or may choose to certify your integrated management system. In addition, you can choose from a six-month or annual surveillance plan. Multi-site certifications may be eligible for a site sampling plan. A partnership with Orion means that we can customize our service to best meet your specific needs. All of Orion’s services are fixed-fee per service and audit days are based on size and complexity of the company. There are never any hidden charges or extra fees. Travel expenses are billed at actual cost. Orion always works to provide you with the most economical options.

* SEP not accredited

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