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RecyclingRecycling Standards
Many Industries and State Regulations
Requiring that Recyclers be Certified

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Environmental consciousness has become a worldwide concern and nowhere is this more evident than the global marketplace! National and international markets are demanding a greater respect for the environment. Many industries and states are now requiring recycling certification. Becoming certified will positively impact your bottom line. It is a solid business strategy that attracts the attention of environmentally concerned consumers.

Earth with Rays webMillions of tons of electronic waste are generated around the world every year. According to the EPA, the U.S. government alone is disposing of 10,000 computer monitors per week. All this e-waste is either ending up in landfills or getting exported to China, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Nigeria, etc. Instead of being recycled or disposed of properly this exported waste is often left in dumps and heaps where it is a significant threat to the local environment and the people in these areas.

The effective implementation of recycling standards gives your company a great competitive advantage. It shows that you have the discipline to identify, understand, and fully implement your customers’ needs, requirements, and expectations. Certification will help promote safe and effective recovery and reuse of electronic equipment and materials as well as guarding downstream control of the recycling chain and minimize public health risks. Your organization can effectively drive down waste and production costs, while providing the quality and safe products that your customers demand. This allows you to increase your customers’ satisfaction, leading to increased demand and market share.

R2-Color- webRESPONSIBLE RECYCLING – R2 – The R2 standard sets forth requirements relating to environmental and public health, worker health and safety, security, and the entire chain of custody of toxic materials through final disposition. It prohibits e-recyclers and their downstream vendors from exporting these more toxic materials to countries that have enacted laws making their import illegal. Embedded within the R2 standard is ISO 14001 as a framework.

  R2V3 Timeline:

  • June 30, 2023  all  R2:2013 Certifications expire
  • New certifications to R2:2013 may continue until January 1, 2021.  Beginning January 1, 2021, all new certifications will be audited to R2v3.
  •  An R2 Facility, whose R2:2013 certificate expires on or before 12/31/2021 can be recertified to R2:2013 provided they complete the R2:2013 recertification audit before January 1, 2022.  
  • Orion asks that all clients have their R2v3 transition surveillance or recertification by February, 2023.  Client will need to rush NCR responses, etc. and Orion will need ample time to certify before the June expiration. All R2:2013 Certificates expire June 30, 2023.
  • To learn more visit the SERI website     sustainableelectronics.org/r2v3 Advisory 22 – Transition Plan to R2v3 – click hereR2v3 Appendix Applicability Guidance -click here

e-STEWARDS STANDARDThe e-Stewards standard applies to organizations that have electronics recycling, processing, asset management, and refurbishment operations. The standard calls for recyclers to Printeliminate exports of hazardous e-waste to developing countries, to halt the dumping of such waste in municipal landfills or incinerators, and to cease the use of captive prison populations to manage toxic e-waste. It also calls for strict protection of customer’s private data and occupational health safeguards to ensure that workers in recycling plants are not exposed to toxic dust and fumes. Embedded within the e-Stewards standard is R2 and ISO 14001 as a framework.  For more information: visit www.e-Stewards.org or Basel Action Network (BAN) www.ban.org.

E-STEWARDS 4.1 UPGRADE:  Certifications will remain valid under Version 4.0 until the recycler completes a successful audit for transition to Version 4.1, after which a Certificate to Version 4.1 will be issued, or the end of the full transition period, whichever comes first. Certified e-Stewards Recyclers that have surveillance or recertification audits scheduled within the two-month implementation period may choose to be audited to either Version 4.0 or 4.1 of the e-Stewards Standard. However, after 22 April 2022 (two months after the publication date of Version 4.1), all audits must be conducted to Version 4.1. If a recertification is issued to Version 4.0, the expiration date on the certificate must be no later than 22 April 2023.

Expiration of Version 4.0 Certifications: As of 22 April 2023, (14 months after the issue date of Version 4.1), Version 4.0 will be withdrawn by the Basel Action Network, and all accreditations and certifications to Version 4.0 will be withdrawn and become invalid.

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Rios(pantone)RIOS is a revolutionary standard combining quality, environmental, and health & safety management systems into one, specifically catering to the scrap recycling industry. RIOS creates a simplified, standardized, and consolidated guideline for scrap recyclers and can improve environmental performance within companies, thus controlling environmental expenses, quality and consistency of production, and safety performance.

RIOS:2016, through its requirements and the changes that it will foster in facilities all over the world is the tool that can help the industry take the next step. The new standard, coupled with the reduced membership costs make it possible for all facilities, no matter where they operate or what products they are recycling, to improve their safety culture, environmental impacts and the quality of material they are producing.  For more information: visit www.rioscertification.org

RIOS – Recycling Industry Operating Standard – Upgrade RIOS:2016 is launched and all must be upgraded by September 30, 2020.  All RIOS:2006 Certifications will expire on September 30, 2020
New RIOS clients must certify to RIOS:2016   

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Recycle around the World WebOur auditors are exceptionally qualified with excellent backgrounds and experience. It is Orion’s commitment to work together with our clients and provide them with the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction. Orion auditors are fair and thorough and treat each of our clients with respect. They are not interested in promoting bureaucracy, but in learning the distinctive ways in which a company has met the requirements of the standard.

Orion Registrar is dedicated to earning your loyalty with consistent, cost-effective service and value-added auditing. With Orion, you will have confidence that your registrar hears and responds to your voice, and is flexible enough to meet the individual needs of your company. We are small enough to understand the special requirements of small businesses, yet big enough to provide the depth of skills and experience required to mentor even the largest companies as they strive to continually improve their processes. Orion personnel at all levels, do their utmost to form a partnership with our clients.

With Orion, a company may customize their certification needs. Your company may seek Recycling certification separately, or may choose to certify your integrated management system. In addition, you can choose from a six-month or annual surveillance plan. Multi-site certifications may be eligible for a site sampling plan. A partnership with Orion means that we can customize our service to best meet your specific needs. All of Orion’s services are fixed-fee per service and audit days are based on size and complexity of the company. There are never any hidden charges or extra fees. Travel expenses are billed at actual cost. Orion always works to provide you with the most economical options.

Orion Registrar is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB)
for Recycling Standards R2, e-Stewards, and RIOS

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