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SustainableSFI / PEFC CoC Standard
(Sustainable Forestry Initiative Chain of Custody)

Sprout.Sustainable Forestry Certification promotes responsible forestry practices. This chain-of-custody certification is an accounting system that tracks fiber content through production and manufacturing to the end product. It is increasingly being requested by commercial customers of the wood and paper products industry. Companies can verify how much of their product comes from certified lands, how much contains recycled content, and how much is non-certified/non-controversial forest content. To meet the certified sourcing requirements, primary producers must be audited and certified to SFI requirements. Secondary producers who want to use the “certified fiber sourcing” label must also be certified.

SFI logo for websiteSFI labels are recognized globally and provide a visual cue to help customers source responsibly managed forest products. In order to use any of the SFI labels, the company must be certified. The standard is used widely across North America, and has strong acceptance in the global marketplace so your company can deliver a steady supply of wood and paper products from legal and responsible sources. This is especially important at a time when there is growing demand for green building and responsible paper purchasing, and less than 10% of the world’s forests are certified. For more information on SFI standard visit

PEFC-CER-webPEFC™ (Program For The Endorsement Of Forest Certification Schemes)  One forest certification standard could never address the diversity of forest types and tenures around the world. More than 50 independent certification standards accepted and recognized by world markets for forest products, and SFI is the largest single certification standard.

The independent, non-profit Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) helps buyers identify the best performers by endorsing national and/or regional forest certification standards that meet its rigorous criteria. The world’s largest forest certification endorsement organization, PEFC has the support of trade unions, state authorities, environmental organizations, forest owners and managers, and timber traders and, as well as producers and retailers of paper and timber products.  For more information on PEFC™ visit

BIFMA e3 Standard
(Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association)

Office desk Webe3 Furniture Sustainability Standard is a new approach to eco-certification with level ®, BIFMA’s sustainability certification program for furniture which includes performance requirements that address economic, environmental, and social responsibility throughout the supply chain. BIFMA e3 is applicable to manufacturers of business and institutional furniture and seeks to provide measurable market-based definitions of progressively more sustainable furniture. BIFMA e3 certification is required by many organizations including the U.S. Government, who now requires e3 Gold standard certification from all suppliers of office furniture. The e3 standard (Economy, Energy and the Environment) was initiated by the U.S. government to encourage more environmentally sustainable practices in the manufacturing sector. Certification also applies toward points in the EPA Leed Certification program.

The level standard for furniture is unique in that it goes beyond the manufacturing process and facilities to also look at the company that manufactures the product. In the accreditation process, the sustainability of the company and its processes are measured against 4 elements of review:
• Energy & AtmosphereBifma level registered Web
• Human & Ecosystem Health
• Social Responsibility
• Materials
Established in 2009, the level standard works on a points-based system, allowing applicants to achieve a standing of level 1, 2, or 3. Each level represents a higher degree of sustainability compliance. It also uses more approachable terminology to make its benefits more easily understood by all parties, from manufacturers to consumers.

Discover the benefits of level accreditation for your furniture products. The level certification involves greater transparency over proprietary furniture eco-certifications, and is conducted by an independent third party certifier, providing increased confidence for environmentally conscious consumers with products bearing a level mark. A further advantage to level certification is that the standard is in use in international markets, including Europe and Asia.

Orion uses local auditors (where practical) and can combine the e3 assessment with other important standards certifications such as ISO 9001/14001/18001. This provides a more strategic approach that considers your business’ requirements and goals, while also offering significant cost savings. For more information on BIFMA e3 visit or

Our auditors are exceptionally qualified with excellent backgrounds and experience. It is Orion’s commitment to work together with our clients and provide them with the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction. Orion auditors are fair and thorough and treat each of our clients with respect. They are not interested in promoting bureaucracy, but in learning the distinctive ways in which a company has met the requirements of the standard.

AA Forrest StreamOrion Registrar is dedicated to earning your loyalty with consistent, cost-effective service and value- added auditing. With Orion, your you will have confidence that your registrar hears and responds to your voice, and is flexible enough to meet the individual needs of your company. We are small enough to understand the special requirements of small businesses, yet big enough to provide the depth of skills and experience required to mentor even the largest companies as they strive to continually improve their processes. Orion personnel at all levels, do their utmost to form a partnership with our clients.

With Orion, a company may customize their certification needs. Your company may seek Sustainability certification separately, or may choose to certify your integrated management system. In addition, you can choose from a six-month or annual surveillance plan. Multi-site certifications may be eligible for a site sampling plan. A partnership with Orion means that we can customize our service to best meet your specific needs. All of Orion’s services are fixed-fee per service and audit days are based on size and complexity of the company. There are never any hidden charges or extra fees. Travel expenses are billed at actual cost. Orion always works to provide you with the most economical options.

Orion Registrar is accredited for SFI CoC and
BIFMA level™ Certification Program for ANSI/BIFMA e3-2014 Furniture Sustainability

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