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TL 9000 UPDATES  -The TIA QuEST Forum has announced the following requirements in
TL Alert 21-004A Release of TL 9000 Requirements Point Release 6.3:
All existing TL 9000 certifications must migrate to R6.3 prior to October 1, 2022.
No audits may be conducted to Point Release 6.3 prior to October 1, 2021.

2022 audits that are normally scheduled in August or September should be moved to an earlier month, ideally before June 30, 2022. This will help ensure that all TL 9000 clients may be audited to this new requirement early enough to complete the entire upgrade process (including the closure of applicable NCRs) and receive their new certificates by the September 30, 2022 deadline.

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TL 9000 is the certification standard for the telecommunications industry and was developed in 1998 by the QuEST Forum. It has undergone several major changes, all with the intent of becoming a single set of worldwide telecom quality management system requirements built on existing industry standards and practices. It consists of two parts, one of which defines quality management system requirements for the design, development, production, delivery, installation, and maintenance of telecom products and services. The other part of the standard provides a measurement system that allows companies to track performance and improve results.

TL9000_Logo WebAA Phone keys webSome benefits of TL 9000 certification:
• Assuring consistent quality across all products & services
• Improving supplier relationships
• Facilitating analysis against industry benchmarks
• Providing a basis to make fully informed decisions
• Reducing the cost of both supplier and customer audits
• Reducing the cost of product life-cycle management,
supplier management expenses, and general operations
• Providing a consistent set of quality expectations to drive
efficiency and performance across the telecom supply chain

The TL 9000 quality management system provides a systematic and repeatable framework for consistently producing top quality products and services customized to the global communications industry. Orion is one of the leading TL 9000 Registrars and, along with large international clients, has certified to the TL 9000 standard a number of women-owned, disabled veteran owned, and other diversity-related businesses in the telecommunication industry.  Click here for more information: QuEST Forum –

Our auditors are exceptionally qualified with excellent backgrounds and experience. It is Orion’s commitment to work together with our clients and provide them with the highest level of professionalism and satisfaction. Orion auditors are fair and thorough and treat each of our clients with respect. They are not interested in promoting bureaucracy, but in learning the distinctive ways in which your company has met the requirements of the standard.

Orion Registrar is dedicated to earning your loyalty with consistent, cost-effective service and value added auditing. With Orion,  you will have confidence that your registrar hears and responds to your voice, and is flexible enough to meet the individual AAColorful Computer Wiresneeds of your company. We are small enough to understand the special requirements of small businesses, yet large enough to provide the depth of skills and experience required to mentor even the greatest companies as they strive to continually improve their processes. Orion personnel at all levels, do their utmost to form a partnership with our clients.

With Orion, a company may customize their certification needs. Your company may seek TL 9000 certification separately, or may choose to certify your integrated quality and environmental management system. In addition, you can choose from a six-month or annual surveillance plan. Multi-site certifications may be eligible for a site sampling plan. A partnership with Orion means that we can customize our service to best meet your specific needs. All Orion’s services are fixed-fee per service and audit days are based on size and complexity of the company. There are never any hidden charges or extra fees. Travel expenses are billed at actual cost. Orion always works to provide you with the most economical options.

Orion Registrar is accredited by the ANSI National Accreditation Board
(ANAB) for TL 9000

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